Reinhart Pieter Anne Dozy (1820-1883)

Subject Fields

Arabic, History, Oriental Literature


Leiden, The Netherlands (of French Huguenot origin)

Famous for

His Dictionnaire détaillé des noms des vêtements chez les Arabes (Amsterdam, 1845), which was crowned by the Dutch Institute and honoured him as one of the most learned and critical Arabic scholars of his day. As an historian he became famous for his work Histoire des Mussulmans d'Espagne, jusqu'à la conquete de l'Andalousie par les Almoravides, 711-1110 (Leiden, 1861) and his De Israelieten te Mekka (The Israelites at Mecca, Haarlem, 1864) then became the subject of heated debate in Jewish circles.

Researcher in Leiden


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