How to find a PhD supervisor

Finding the right supervisor is a key element in the process of obtaining a doctorate. He or she supervises your research and provides you with valuable advice. The supervisor has to confirm that he  or she is willing to accept you as a candidate (promovendus) before any further steps can be taken.
Every full professor has the right to act as a PhD supervisor. By the time you plan to earn a doctorate in the Netherlands, you may already know - from publications in academic journals, conferences and similar gatherings - which professor you would like to have as your supervisor.

Contact a supervisor

If you know a professor or senior staff member at Leiden University, you may contact him or her directly to discuss your plans. 
Professors from A-Z


For support in finding a supervisor, please contact the Graduate School.
For general information about the admission procedures, please see Admission Procedure.

Last Modified: 30-01-2014