Research Schools

Research Schools in which Leiden University participates or acts as coordinating partner.

Research Schools

The Leiden research programmes are concentrated in university research institutes. These institutes are often part of cross-boundary research schools. Research schools are centres of high quality research where researchers from different universities and non-academic institutes collaborate, and where special attention is paid to the training of researchers to PhD level.
Leiden University participates in about 40 research schools, the majority of which are recognised by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). The Dutch government has made the Academy responsible for the accreditation of research schools. To meet this request, the Research School Accreditation Committee (ECOS) has been set up to decide on applications from the Boards of Dutch universities for recognition of a research institute on the basis of a protocol established by the Board of KNAW.  Recognition is for six years.  After this period the research institute must then re-apply for recognition.   

Leiden University as the coordinating partner

Archon   Interuniversity Research School Archaeology
IOPS Interuniversity of Graduate School of Psychometrics and Sociometrics
ISED Institute for the Study of Education and Human Development
LACDR Leiden Amsterdam Centre for Drug Research
OIKOS National Graduate School in Classical Studies
SIMATH  Thomas Stieltjes Institute for Mathematics

Research Schools in which Leiden participates

Leiden participates in the following by the research schools recognised by the Research School Accreditation Committee (ECOS) (overview per October 2008):

ASCI  Advanced School for Computing and Imaging
Secretary: TUD
Participants: UvA – VUA – LEI – UU
Biodiversity    Research School for Biodiversity 
Secretary: UvA 
Participants: LEI – WUR
BSDL  Graduate Research School Biotechnological Science Delft Leiden
Secretary: TUD
Participants: LEI – WUR
Casimir Casimir Research School 
Secretary: LEI
Participants: TUD - LEI
EPOS Graduate Research Institute for Experimental Psychology
Participants: VUA – LEI – UM – EUR
EPP Research School Experimental Psychopathology
Secretary: EP
Participants: RUG – RU – UvA – VUA – LEI
EPS Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences
Secretary: WUR
Participants: UU – RU – LEI – UvA – VUA
HRSMC Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry
Secretary: UvA
Participants: VUA – LEI
Huizinga The Netherlands Graduate School for Cultural History
Secretary: UvA
Participants: UU – RU – UM – LEI – VUA
ICO Interuniversity Center for Educational Research
Secretary: UT
Participants: UvA – UU  – TUE – UM – OU – WUR – LEI - VUA
IPA Institute for Programming Research and Algorithmics
Secretary: TUE
Participants: VUA – LEI – UU – RU – UT – RUG – UvA
JMBC J.M. Burgercentrum - Dutch researchschool for fluid mechanics
Secretary: TUD
Participants: TUE – RUG – UT – RU – LEI
KLI Kurt Lewin Institute
Secretary: UvA
Participants: VUA – RUG – LEI – RU
LOT   Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics
Secretary: UU
Participants: UvA – VUA – LEI – UvT – RU
LOTN Dutch Research School of Theoretical Physics
Secretary: UU
Participants: UvA – RUG – Lei – VUA - RU
Mediëvistiek   Netherlands Research School for Medieval Studies
Secretary: RUG
Participants:UvA – VUA – LEI – RU – UU
NIOK Dutch Institute for Catalysis Research
Secretary: UU 
Participants: TUE – UvA – RUG – LEI – TUD – UT - RU
NIG Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG) / Dutch Research School of Public Administration and Political Science
Secretary: EUR 
Participants: UT – LEI – TUD – UvT – VUA – RU – UU – UM
NOSTER  Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion
Secretary: UU
Participants: LEI – UvA – VUA – RU – KTU – TFT – ThUk – TUA
NOVA Netherlands Research School for Astronomy. No (ECOS)-recognizing
Secretary: UU
Participants: LEI RU, UvA
OIKOS  National Research School in Classical Studies
Secretary: LEI
Participants: UvA – RUG – UU – RU – VUA
OMV Research School Safety and Security in Society
Secretary: EUR 
Participants: LEI – VUA
P&H   Research Institute for Psychology & Health
Secretary: UU
Participants: LEI – UvT – VUA – UvA – RUG
Posthumus N.W. Posthumus Institute - Netherlands Graduate School for Economic and Social History
Secretary: RUG
Participants: EUR – UvA – VUA – UU – RU – LEI – WUR – UvT – TUE
SENSE Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment
Secretary: VUA / WUR
Participants: UvA – UU – LEI – RU – UM
SIMATH Thomas Stieltjes Institute for Mathematics
Secretary: LEI
Participants: UvA – VUA – EUR – TUD – TUE
WTMC   Netherlands Graduate School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture
Secretary: UT
Participants: UM – UvA (LEI - CWTS)
More about Research School Accreditation Committee (ECOS)

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