At Leiden University there are many opportunities to attend courses.

General courses

The courses website contains a number of courses that could be interesting for you.  If you would like to take a course which is not mentioned, if you are unsure which courses you can take or if you have any ideas for courses for postdocs, you can contact HRM Courses, tel: 071 527 31 94.  Not all courses are free. The costs are mentioned on the website.

Language Centre

The Language Centre (Talencentrum) offers a number of courses which are intended to improve your English language skills.  Courses in other languages are also offered.  There are Dutch courses for international postdocs. 


The website of ICLON (the Graduate School of Teaching) includes information on enhancing the professionalism of lecturers in higher education (BKO), and teachers in pre-university education, as well as a teacher training programme.




Last Modified: 18-04-2016