Quality criteria for permanent academic staff

Leiden University aims to be an excellent university and strives for a close interrelationship between top quality teaching and research. This means that academics who are members of the permanent staff are required to meet a set of minimum criteria.

The principals of these criteria are: 

1. Uniformity of research and teaching

The objective here is to combine core teaching and research tasks; these tasks should in principle be carried out within one function. Other administrative and/or supervisory tasks may, of course, also be carried out.

2. PhD requirement

A condition for appointment as a lecturer, senior lecturer or professor is that the candidate should have a PhD.  

3. Recruitment through competitive selection

Competitive selection generally means that recruitment takes place internally and externally at the same time. Recruitment is frequently both national and international.

4. Personnel assessment

A Performance and Development interview should take place before:  

  • a permanent appointment is offered;
  • a promotion is awarded;
  • any special financial awards are made, such as an extra salary rise or gratuity.  

5. Qualification as lecturer

The Basic Teaching Qualification (BKO) was introduced in January 2008. The BKO comprises the minimum package of didactic skills which all members of the academic staff must possess. The BKO is therefore a quality test, but it also helps new lecturers who have little or no teaching experience to bring their teaching skills up to the required level during their initial training period. The BKO website gives information on how the system works, those staff members for whom it is compulsory, the BKO final attainment objectives, the teaching portfolio, the contact persons and the assessment committee.  

6. English language skills

For lecturers who will be teaching in English, the basic teaching qualification requires them to pass the English test provided by the Language Centre. This applies both to new lecturers and to already incumbent lecturers.

To give you an idea of the quality standards stipulated by Leiden University for the teaching and research of its academic staff, and the personal competences, knowledge and skills required, you can click on the link below:  

Last Modified: 02-07-2010