10 November: AMT Panel discussion | Looking back at the Leiden Asia Year, Studying in/at Leiden from an Asian Perspective

Now we are slowly moving into the last months of what is the Leiden Asia Year, it is about time we also listen to some of our very own Asian students and how they have experienced the year so far but also asking them what it feels like to be “Asian” in Leiden: What is it like working with collections from your home country whilst being abroad? How do you deal with sometimes whole different approaches to your own various cultural legacies or ways of studying their world? And how easy is it to have your own research interests speak back to somehow similar issues that your guest society is facing? Today we listen to some of the experiences of our Master and PhD students coming from different Asian societies to pursue their scholarly career in Leiden.

Round November 2017: Central Asia Fieldwork Grants for Leiden MA/MA Research Students

In 2017 the Central Asia Initiative at Leiden University offers several fieldwork grants to a max of 7,500 EUR. Only MA or MA Research students enrolled at Leiden University are eligible. The fieldwork should be carried out in one of the Central Asia countries by the end of 2018. The money can be used to fund research related to your MA thesis or to develop a PhD proposal related to Central Asia. Application deadline: 15 November 2017.

12 September-22 December: TRC exhibition Dressing the "Stans": Textiles, dress and jewellery from Central Asia

On 12 September the new TRC Gallery exhibition 'Dressing the Stans: Textiles, dress and jewellery from Central Asia' was opened by the famous Oxford scholar, Dr. Peter Frankopan, the author of the widely acclaimed book The Silk Roads: A New History of the World (2015). The exhibition is co-funded by the Central Asia Initiative at Leiden University and will run until 22 December.