26 October: MSAS Lecture Pregnant Males, Barren Mothers and Religious Transvestism: Transcending Gender in Bengali Heterodox Lineages

In her talk, she aims to discuss one particular aspect of the oral literature and of the practices of some Bengali heterodox lineages, whose path towards liberation includes the necessity to transcend one’s own gender identity. Accomplished practitioners are said to be able to “get pregnant”, while enlightened female practitioners are depicted as sterile mothers.

20 October: Lecture Gongming shehui (Civil society) and the prospect of democratization in China

--- Tortuous interrelation between social media and political reform --- Civil society, in Chinese usually translated as “gongmin shehui” (公民社会), has developed steadily in recent years. Social media has facilitated active discussion on gongmin shehui and concrete actions for social change, although the existing political system restricts freedom of expression and freedom of belief. However, the invigoration of social media has embraced the contradiction of granting particular cases exceptions of not following formal procedures established in laws. At the same time, it has provided the state with momentum of strengthening its functions of security means and information control, and as a result has impeded progress of judicial reform and democratization.

20 October: Congres/symposium TechTalk Cross-cultural business: Asia

On October 20, TechTalk will host an event with a special focus on Asia: TechTalk cross-cultural business, Asia."What does it mean to interact across Asian cultural boundaries, in context of having remote Asian management, pursuing deals or in collaborative projects." The program features presentations from scholars on Asian culture, as well as biotech professionals for whom Asian culture is an integral part of their work. LeidenAsiaCentre director Frank Pieke will speak about "How Chinese investors look for Dutch opportunities."