About AMT

AMT Phase 2

The University’s Executive Board (College van Bestuur) has decided to continue the Leiden University profile area Asian Modernities and Traditions for another four years 2015-2018. AMT2 commits itself to achieve by 2018 demonstrable results in enhancing the visibility of Asian research both within and outside the academic world, strengthened cooperation between Leiden faculties and institutes in terms of research, impact (valorisation) and teaching, the attraction of new grants or gifts for Asia research, impact activities and teaching, and the development of new courses in Asia studies, especially at the postgraduate (MA and PhD) level.

AMT Phase 2 Funding Possibilities

We have chosen for a more focussed, open and competitive model of funding than AMT1. In addition to some smaller funding programmes, the bulk (up to 850k) of AMT2 funding will be allocated competitively to teams of 2-5 Asia researchers in Leiden, who will be given a budget of €100-150k to develop a field of Asia research and teaching in the course of a 2-3 year period. AMT2 will also continue with the AMT Reasearch Funding scheme for individual and network funding.

Mission Statement

The research profile ‘Asian Modernities and Traditions’ (AMT) aims to raise the strength and visibility of research, teaching and dissemination on Asian studies at Leiden University. Within and beyond the University, AMT will actively engage academic specialists and government, business, NGOs and the media to build institutional partnerships that will help sustain Asia as one of the University’s key areas in the 21st century.


AMT focuses on those areas where there are clear strengths or exciting new developments ahead, bundled into five themes. In AMT ‘Asia’ includes all of East, Central, South and Southeast Asia. AMT does not conceive of Asia as a neatly bounded geographic region, and explicitly includes the increasingly prominent transnational presence of Asia across the globe, including flows of capital, culture, goods, ideas and people.