Mission Statement

The research profile ‘Asian Modernities and Traditions’ (AMT) aims to raise the strength and visibility of research, teaching and dissemination of Asian studies at Leiden University. Within and beyond the University, AMT will actively engage academic specialists and government, business, NGOs and the media to build institutional partnerships that will help sustain Asia as one of the University’s key areas in the 21st century.

Leiden University has long history of research and teaching on Asian traditions, with a focus on language and philology, history, religious studies, philosophy, law and literature. Leiden has in the last thirty years also built up an equally impressive strength in the study of modern and contemporary Asia, branching out from the original core disciplines and specializations into politics, international relations, development economics, anthropology and sociology, law and socio-legal studies, and culture and media studies.

Last Modified: 25-07-2011