16 January: Contact zones and the making of chemistry education in Meiji Japan

12.30 - 14.00 hrs

IIAS, Conference Room
Rapenburg 59

Contact zones and the making of chemistry education in Meiji Japan

The making of techno-scientific higher education in Meiji Japan (1868-1912) is a fascinating case of global cross-cultural exchanges and dialogues. To appreciate as such in its full richness, however, requires a departure from a deep-rooted historiographical assumption about modern Japanese science.  That is to measure the success of its educational ventures in terms of their ‘genuineness’, i.e. correspondence to Western counterparts. Focusing on quintessential techno-science, chemistry, Dr Kikuchi discusses a variety of examples such as Tokyo University, the Imperial College of Engineering, Tokyo and the Imperial University where there were varied degrees of hybridization with traditional manufacture such as sake brewing and pigment making for porcelain and textile. He argues that the place where Western teachers and Japanese students interacted – “contact zones” – had strong impact on knowledge-making and pedagogical practices.

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