25 March: 1965, Truth and Reconciliation

15.30 - 17.00 hrs

Room 138
Reuvensplaats 2
2311 BE Leiden

1965, Truth and Reconciliation

Since Suharto's fall in 1998 the credibility of national historiography as it found expression under the New Order came under discussion. Controversial issues such as how to interpret the coup of 1965 were subject of alternative historiographies. Recently the debate about ‘1965’ was given a new dimension by Joshua Oppenheimer's film 'The Act of Killing' in which perpetrators of that time openly showed how they committed the killings and interrogations back then. ‘The Act of Killing’ is the opening film of this year's Movies that Matter festival.

As a member of Komnas HAM (National Commission on Human Rights), Stanley Prasetyo, was involved in the Komnas HAM report on 1965/1966. The report was based on investigations in various parts of the country including interviews with 349 eyewitnesses and was submitted to the Attorney General’s Office in 2012. Based on the report Komnas HAM asked the Attorney General to conduct an official investigation on alleged human rights abuses in 1965. Attorney General Basrief Arief however rejected the plea, saying ‘The evidence Komnas has gathered was insufficient to justify an official legal investigation.’

In this seminar Stanley Prasetyo will focus on the changes in historiography on ‘1965’ and the Komnas HAM report.

Leiden Southeast Asia Seminar

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