27 February: 'The man without a country': Asia's revolutionary underground, c. 1924

15.30 – 17.00 hrs

Room 138
Reuvensplaats 2
2311 BE

If you wish to attend please register with Yayah Siegers: kitlv@kitlv.nl / 071-527 2295

'The man without a country': Asia's revolutionary underground, c. 1924

This paper examines how transnational revolutionary movements in early twentieth century Asia were shaped by a world consciousness and internationalist commitments. The political visions of this period have tended to be described within specific national or doctrinal contexts, as a diasporic nation 'inside out', or subsumed within the global history of communism. They have less often been considered in the round, through their cross-cutting linkages and ideological entanglements. The paper suggests that one way to approach the history of Asian radical internationalism is to look more closely at the ways in which the sites which its itinerant advocates shared - specific cities and neighbourhoods - shaped experience and ideas: in this case Kuala Lumpur and Canton c. 1924.

Tim Harper

Tim Harper is Reader in Southeast Asian and Imperial History at Cambridge University. He is Associate Director of the Centre for History and Economics where he co-convenes research projects on 'Sites of Asian Interactions: Networks, Ideas, Archives', 'The Transnational History of Health in Southeast Asia, 1914-2014.

Leiden Southeast Asia Seminar

The Leiden Southeast Asia Seminar is a cooperation of the KITLV, IIAS, VVI, the Programme in South and Southeast Asian Languages and Cultures and the Department of Cultural Anthropology & Development Sociology, Leiden University.

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