3 April: Neo-liberal Leninism with Chinese characteristics: an epistemology of China’s media policy

15.15 - 17.00 hrs

Arsenaal Building
R 014

Neo-liberal Leninism with Chinese characteristics: an epistemology of China’s media policy

In this presentation, Dr. Creemers will provide an overview of the evolution of media policy in China throughout the 20th Century, and how it is connected to wider political, social and economic trends. He will argue that media have been primarily conceived in an instrumental manner, in order to achieve the objectives of self-strengthening and development, China’s core political mission since the mid-19th Century.

This has led to an eclectic search for tools and methods, which has been deeply informed by monist modes of thinking, which are both inherited from the imperial era well as Marxist-Leninist thinking and practice. However, this has also been supplemented by increased marketization, resulting in an eclectic approach to media governance.

Dr. Rogier Creemers

Dr. Creemers studied Sinology at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, where he also completed a Master in International Relations, after a year in Beijing for language training. He wrote a doctoral dissertation at Maastricht University, in which he explains media piracy in China from the point of view of media control, and assesses the potential impact of international trade law on this phenomenon. In 2012, he joined the Programme for Comparative Media Law and Policy at the University of Oxford. He is preparing a new monograph on the development of public communications law in China, with particular attention to the historical and philosophical factors that shaped it.

E-mail: Rogier.creemers@csls.ox.ac.uk

Website: http://chinacopyrightandmedia.wordpress.com

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