Leiden Central Asia Agenda

Overview of all Leiden Central Asia events. Everyone is welcome!

September 2017

12 September: Peter Frankopan to open the new TRC exhibition Dressing the "Stans": Textiles, dress and jewellery from Central Asia
14 September: Lecture Dressing the Stans. Textiles and Dress from Central Asia by Dr. Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood
20 September: Seminar "The Pamir languages: aspects of grammar"

November 2017

Charles Melville will be the Central Asia Visiting Professor in November 2017
Lecture Thursday, 23 November: Illustrating the history of Tamerlane
Masterclass Monday, 27 November: Text-image relationships in Persian manuscripts


May 2017
Ron Sela will be the Central Asia Visiting Professor in May 2017
22 May: Turkic Identities in Pre-modern Central Asia
23 May: Approaches to Ritual and Power in Central Asian History

April 2017
11 April: Frederik van Oudenhoven presents the documentary film Wisdom of the Mountains
18 April: Islam in Uzbekistan: education and research initiatives

March 2017
1 March: Deadline Central Asia Fieldwork Grants for Leiden MA/MA Research Students
6 March Masterclass by Robert McChesney: Reconstructing Urban Landscapes from Texts: Prospects and Problems
15 March: Soundscapes of Uyghur Islam

February 2017
Robert D. McChesney will be the Central Asia Visiting Professor in February-March 2017
14 February: Russia and the World in the Age of Peter the Great
28 February Lecture by Robert McChesney: An Afghan Prince at Queen Victoria’s Court

November 2016
Zifa-Alua Auezova will be the Central Asia Visiting Scholar in November 2016
Lecture, 10 November: Ideologies vs. historiographies in Soviet and post-Soviet Central Asia
Lecture, 28 November: ‘Nationalism’, ‘internationalism’ and ‘collective memory’ in Soviet and post-Soviet Central Asia

Bakhtiyar Babadjanov will be Leiden Erasmus Fellow in November-December 2016
Lecture, 21 November: Monumental epigraphy of Transoxiana in the Timurid period: poets, craftsmen and patrons
Masterclass, 28 November: Epigraphy of Khorezm. Arab, Turkish and Persian texts
Lecture, 30 November: The architectural landscape of the city of Khiva (Khorezm). From medieval town to the theatrical scenery of "Eastern cities"

23-25 November: LUCIS 7th Annual Conference: Memory and Commemoration in Islamic Central Asia

October 2016
Beatrice Penati will be the Central Asia Visiting Scholar in October 2016
10 October: Bitter truths: Common-pool resources, industrialisation, and the global history of Central Asian wormwood

September 2016
Devin DeWeese will be the Central Asia Visiting Professor in September 2016
12 September 2016: From ‘the Scourge of Sinners’ to ‘the Man who Called us Infidels:’ Perspectives on Islamization in 14th-Century Central Asia
16 September: Approaches to Islamization in the post-Mongol era

May 2016
25 May: Book presentation: Intellectual Networks in Timurid Iran
26-27 May: The Timurid Period: Cultural Production, Exchange and Legacies

March 2016
15 March: Film screening Flowers of Freedom

February 2016
18 February 2016: Encounters after the Soviet collapse: Chinese presence in the former Soviet Union border zone

December 2015
11 December: Bright colours of life in Kazakhstan

October 2015
8 October: Leiden-Aramco Lecture on Arabic Language and Culture | Speaker: Geert Jan van Gelder
9 October: Symposium on Siberian Languages
14 October: Reinvigorating global and human security in the Eurasian region: What role can Taiwan play?

September 2015
23 September: The land-and-water reform of the mid-1920s in the UzSSR
24 September: Central Asia in a World Needing Good Government and Cheap Oil
25-26 September: Development and Modernization in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Periphery
29 September: Creative destruction: Articulating ideology in urbanscape of Ulaanbaatar

May 2015
4-9 May: Jessica Rawson on The Steppe and the Silk Roads, China’s Interactions with its neighbours
7-8 May: The Golden Horde in a Global Perspective: Imperial strategies

April 2015
Wed 8 April 2015 | Lecture Farshid Emami | Coffeehouses, Urban Spaces, and Performing Publics in Safavid Isfahan
Thursday 9 April 2015 | Buddhism & Social Justice event

March 2015
12-20 March: Central Asia Week
12 March: WHAT's NEW?! | Politics of Urban Renewal in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
18-20 March: GLASS-Islam with Nile Green | Leiden University
18 March: GLASS-Islam masterclass | Modelling Religion for Global Historians | Nile Green
18 March: Contemporary history of Uzbekistan in national and international context
18 March: Nowruz Celebration of the Central Asian New Year
19 March: GLASS-Islam lecture | From Evangelical Empires to Global Islam: Mosques, Missions and Religious Economies | Nile Green
20 March: GLASS-Islam faculty roundtable | Agents in Religious Networks | Nile Green

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