20 September: Seminar "The Pamir languages: aspects of grammar"

Seminar on the occasion of the PhD defense ceremony of Deborah Kim on "Topics in the Syntax of Sarikoli", supervisors Prof. A.M. Lubotsky and Prof. M.G. Kossmann, co-supervisor Dr. Gabrielle van den Berg.


10:00-11:00 Seminar "The Pamir languages: aspects of grammar"  

10:00 Leila Dodykhudoeva, "Morphosyntactic processes in Shughni: Noun phrase vs. compound"

10:30 Timothy Palmer, "Describing Sarikoli morphology: What are clitics, affixes, and particles?

11:30-12:45 Lunch, Common Room van LUCL

13:45-14:30 PhD Defense Deborah Kim: Topics in the Syntax of Sarikoli

The PhD defense will be at the Academy Building, Rapenburg 73.

Venue Seminar: Van Eyckhof 2/004, Leiden.

Last Modified: 20-09-2017