15 March: Film screening Flowers of Freedom

Germany based filmmaker and anthropologist Mirjam Leuze will present her documentary film Flowers of Freedom, in which she documents local resistance against the environmental damage caused by a Kyrgyz-Canadian goldmine company. All welcome.


10:30-13:00 hrs

Pieter de la Court Building
Room 1A20
Wassenaarseweg 52 
2333 AK  Leiden 

Flowers of Freedom

Following the logic of ethnographic filmmaking and the "caméra-stylo" principle, with Flowers of Freedom, Leuze creates an intimate portrait of a group of brave village women who manage to secure damage payments after their fellow villagers die from cyanide poisoning. She follows the group after the bloody revolution in which the government is toppled and one of the protesters is elected in parliament. Staying very close to the activists, this humorous film describes not only the political commitment displayed by these women in their struggle for justice, but also how people manage to survive in a Kyrgyz village.

After the screening you are welcome to discuss the film with the director Mirjam Leuze.

Last Modified: 12-02-2016