21 June: Writing and literacy in early traditional China

10.30-17.30 hrs

Leiden University
Lipsius Building
Room 148
Cleveringaplaats 1

Everyone is welcome!


10:30  Welcome

10:45-11:30  Adam Smith: “Literacy in the Shang”

11:30-12:15  Paul van Els: “The Master said... or did he?”


13:45-14:30  Imre Galambos: “Literacy in Dunhuang material”

14:30-15:15  Dirk Meyer: “The Gùmìng 顧命 (Testimonial charge) and the production of memory in Warring States politico-philosophical debate”


15:45-16:45  Valerie Hansen: “Writing and literacy on the silk road”

16:45-17:30  Barend ter Haar: “Some comments on historical issues around writing”

drinks in the LAK foyer

This symposium has been made possible thanks to financial support from: LUF/Romboutsfonds, AMT, LIAS and Opleiding Chinastudies.

Professor Barend ter Haar

Professor Barend ter Haar teaches Chinese studies at the University of Oxford, with a strong focus on cultural and religious history. Although first of all a social and cultural historian, the religious dimension is so central to Chinese traditional life that much of his research up to now has dealt with religious phenomena. In addition, he has worked extensively on issues of ethnic identity, violence and fear, and social organization.

His full appointment is as Run Run Shaw Chair of Chinese, funded by the famous movie tycoon from Hong Kong, Sir Run Run Shaw. He is also a professorial fellow of University College.

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