Spring 2016: Chinese Linguistics in Leiden Programme

Wednesdays, 15:15-16:30

M. de Vrieshof 1/ Room 001
2311 BZ  Leiden 




10 February 2016 [in Chinese]
沈    阳(南京大学/北京大学):
命题否定和反向赋值 ——试析 “才” 字句和 “就” 字句的意义对立和意义反转现象

2 March 2016
Yang Yang (Leiden): “On the syntax – prosody interface of wh-indeterminates in Mandarin”

10 March 2016  [Thursday!! 15:15. Location: Eyckhof 2/003]
Wei-tien Dylan Tsai (Tsing Hua University, Hsin-chu, Taiwan): “Analyticity and Operator Binding in Chinese”

23 March 2016
Lin Jing (UvA): “Non-referentiality in child Mandarin”

6 April 2016
Zou Ting (Leiden): “Processing of lexical tones by Dutch learners of Mandarin”

20 April 2016
Wu Juan (Leiden): “Contact-Induced Grammatical Creations: Through the Lens of Chinese Buddhist Translations”

4 May 2016
Hu Han (Leiden): “A Sociolinguistic Study on Rhoticity in Beijing Mandarin”

18 May 2016
Wang Man (Leiden): “Experimental approach to language production of Mandarin Chinese”.

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