Below you can find an overview of recent Asia-related publications at Leiden University.

LIAS Monographs

Members of LIAS published the following monographs.

Remco Breuker
Establishing a Pluralist Society in Medieval Korea, 918-1170
History, Ideology, and Identity in the Koryŏ Dynasty
Leiden: Brill (2010)

This book offers a radically different view of the Koryŏ state. Until now scholarship failed to recognize the complicated historical descent, byzantine international relations and multiple incommensurable worldviews of the early Korean Koryŏ state (918-1170). Instead, it subjected these to reductionist categories favouring reified particulars over broader views. Asking how Koryŏ meaningfully dealt with its environment, Remco Breuker rejects the reduction of Koryŏ intellectual abundance to analytical categories, and emphasizes the functional importance of Koryŏs pluralism in allowing the notion that realities were scattered, inconsistent and plural. Here is a convincing argument that Koryŏs pluralism decisively contributed to the formation of a region-transcending communal identity that enabled Koryŏ to engage in a civilizational competition with neighbouring Chinese and Manchurian states, while maintaining a dynamic but stable society domestically.

Het rijk der lichten
(Your republic is calling you)
Dutch translation from Korean by
Remco Breuker and Imke van Gardingen

The North Korean spy Kim Giyoung seems to have been forgotten by the government - for twenty years now. In these years he built a life for himself in the South Korean capital of Seoul. He is married, has a daughter and a job in the film industry. Heineken, sushi and Quentin Tarantino are part of his life now. Then he receives an unexpected e-mail, summoning him to return to the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. Giyoung is aware that many spies that return are being executed. But by ignoring the call he also puts himself in danger. He is to make the hardest decision of his life while slowly the hours tick away.

Kim Young-ha was born in 1968 in Gangwon-do, South Korea. He studied in the United States at Iowa State University and travelled extensively through Europe. His astonishing 'urban' debut, I have the right to destroy myself, has been succesfully made into a film. Kim Young-ha is being regarded as the greatest young Korean writer of this moment. He has received many literary awards.

Forrer, M. (2009)
Prints and drawings
New York: Prestel Publishing

Goto-Jones, C. (2009)
Modern Japan
A very short introduction
Oxford: Oxford University Press

Haar, B. ter (2009)
Het hemelse mandaat
De geschiedenis van het Chinese keizerrijk
Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press

Kato, M. (2009)
Women’s Rights?
The Politics of Eugenic Abortion in Modern Japan
Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press

Ngo, T.W. & Y. Wu eds. (2009)
Rent Seeking in China
London & New York: Routledge

Paramore, K. (2009)
Ideology and Christianity in Japan
London & New York: Routledge

Silk, J. (2009)
Riven by Lust
Incest and Schism in Indian Buddhist Legend and Historiography
Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press

LIAS Periodicals

Shilin: Leiden University Journal of Young Sinology

Shilin is a twice-yearly publication and features research done by students of Chinese Studies at Leiden University. Without disciplinary constraints, Shilin publishes papers written in Dutch and English, hoping to contribute to debates and discussions within the student body and the community at large. At the present Shilin focuses on research done by students from Chinese Studies at Leiden University, but we hope to include papers from students of Japanese Studies and Korean Studies in future issues as well. Shilin is published independently and does not fall under the aegis of the SVS.

Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies
publishes articles, research notes, and book reviews relating to East Asia. The SJEAS seeks original academic papers delving into the past and present of East Asia, primarily within the field of the humanities. Research areas the SJEAS prefers include philosophy, religion, art, anthropology, archaeology, literature, history and culture.

Korean Histories

is a new on-line peer-reviewed journal that focuses on historiography as a social process in Korea. Social representations of Korean histories reveal much about the contents, dynamics and functions of historical narratives in society, in particular when unconventional, easily accessible and non-hegemonic sources such as music, art, religious concepts, the internet, blogs, advertisements or literary texts are used. Korean Histories intends to be a platform for articles that engage these issues and use these and other sources across a range of subjects and time periods.

Law, Social Justice and Global Development

The special issue of the Law, Social Justice and Global Development Journal on Access to Justice presents seven articles based on research for the VVI Access to Justice in Indonesia program. The authors are Adriaan Bedner, Laure d'Hondt, Stijn van Huis, Surya Tjandra, Dewi Novirianti and Jacqueline Vel.

The Journal's editor writes:
"We are delighted to introduce readers to this special issue on Indonesia. It involves a new framework for studying access to justice – moving away from bland concerns with quantitative enumeration towards a detailed ethnographic engagement which examines access issues in ways which affect people’s lives. The concern is not just with the distinction between law in theory and law in practice but with peoples’ perceptions and a plurality of ways in which legal and other mechanisms affect people. Furthermore, it provides a rich corpus of co-ordinated studies based in Indonesia, a major developing country jurisdiction."


Publications within the Law, Governance and Development (LGD) book series

The Leiden University Press series on Law, Governance, and Development brings together an interdisciplinary body of work about the formation and functioning of legal systems in developing countries, and about interventions to strengthen them. The series aims to engage academics, policy makers and practitioners at the national and international level, thus attempting to stimulate legal reform for good governance and development.
2009 was a productive year for the series, in which three books were published.

  • One Billion Rising, Law, Land and the Alleviation of Global Poverty, edited by Roy Prosterman, Robert Mitchell and Tim Hanstad, looks at the results of land tenure reform efforts around the world, and to what extent these efforts have led to development of the poor.

  • Legalising Land Rights, Local Practices, State Responses and Tenure Security in Africa, Asia and Latin America, edited by Janine Ubink, André Hoekema and Willem Assies, combines the description of land tenure regimes with analyses of designs, objectives and implementation of legislation.

MEARC Publications

These are the latest publications by MEARC.

Kuo, Ya-pei  (2011)
Debating Culture in Interwar China
London: Routledge
Series: Routledge/Leiden Series in Modern East Asian Politics and History

The May Fourth era (1915-1927) is considered a pivotal point in the history of modern China. This period is usually portrayed as a "Chinese Enlightenment", a period during which total change from the past was sought through the appropriation of Western science and democracy. Conventional narratives concentrate on the dominant intellectual current of the period, the New Culture Movement, as the inspiration for social reform and political revolution. This book challenges that revolution-centered narrative of May Fourth history by showing how the propositions of New Culture were questioned and revised after the initial radical phase. Through a focus on the post-1919 debates on culture, identity, and history, this book argues that Chinese intellectuals reformulated their visions of modernity through critiques of both Occidentalism and totalistic iconoclasm. Importantly, it also argues that the global post-WWI ambivalence towards the idea of Progress in Western civilization impacted significantly on the development of the May Fourth era in its latter stage. This book will appeal to scholars and students working in the cultural, intellectual, and political histories of modern China and East Asia.

Lee, Chun-yi (2011)
Taiwanese Business or Chinese Security Asset: A Changing Pattern of Interaction between Taiwanese Businesses and Chinese Governments
London: Routledge
Series: Routledge/Leiden Series in Modern East Asian Politics and History

Combining government/business theory with empirical studies, this book is the first comprehensive work dealing with the impact of cross-Strait relations on Taiwanese business. Chun-Yi Lee is Associate Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham, UK.

Goto-Jones, Ch. (editor)
The Asiascape Collection v. 1: Essays in the Exploration of CyberAsia
Contributors: Bart Barendregt; Young Sook Choi; Jens Damm; Christopher Goto-Jones; Jeroen de Kloet; Thomas Lamarre; Yoko Ono; Fabian Schäfer; Cobus van Straden
Asiascape Occasional Paper Series: 1875-2241

The Asiascape Collection brings together the first 5 Asiascape Ops as well as additional essays drawn from a special Asiascape issue of the newsletter of the International Institute for Asian Studies themed on CyberAsia. It can be downloaded as a PDF, or you can request a beautiful, bound copy for your collection and/or library.

Zachmann, Urs Matthias (2009)
China and Japan in the Late Meiji Period
London: Routledge
Series: Routledge/Leiden Series in Modern East Asian History and Politics

The first war between China and Japan in 1894/95 was one of the most fateful events, not only in modern Japanese and Chinese history, but in international history as well. The war and subsequent events catapulted Japan on its trajectory toward temporary hegemony in East Asia, whereas China entered a long period of domestic unrest and foreign intervention. Repercussions of these developments can be still felt, especially in the mutual perceptions of Chinese and Japanese people today. However, despite considerable scholarship on Sino-Japanese relations, the perplexing question remains how the Japanese attitude exactly changed after the triumphant victory in 1895 over its former role model and competitor. This book examines the transformation of Japan’s attitude toward China up to the time of the Russo-Japanese War (1904/5), when the psychological framework within which future Chinese-Japanese relations worked reached its erstwhile completion. It shows the transformation process through a close reading of sources, a large number of which is introduced to the scholarly discussion for the first time. Zachmann demonstrates how modern Sino-Japanese attitudes were shaped by a multitude of factors, domestic and international, and, in turn, informed Japan’s course in international politics. Urs Matthias Zachmann is Assistant Professor at the Japan Center of the University of Munich. He has written his doctoral thesis on China's role in late Meiji geopolitical and geocultural discourse and has published a number of articles on late Tokugawa and Meiji diplomatic and intellectual history.

KITLV Publications

KITLV Titles 2012: Catalogue

VVI Publications


Bedner, A.W. (2013). Indonesian Legal Scholarship and Jurisprudence as an Obstacle for Transplanting Legal Institutions. Hague Journal on the Rule of Law, vol. 5, nr 2 pp 253-273

Vel J.A.C. & Bedner A.W. (2013) Addressing a 'Globalized Social': Mobilization of Law in Global Networks with Reference to Biofuel Production in Indonesia. In: Feenan D. (Ed.) Exploring the 'Socio' of Socio-Legal Studies. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 157-180


Bedner, A.W., Irianto, S., Otto, J.M. & Wirastri, T.D. (Eds.) (2012) Kajian Socio-Legal [Socio-Legal Studies]. Jakarta: Pustaka Larasan; Universitas Indonesia; Universitas Leiden; Universitas Groningen.

Bedner, A.W. & Vel, J.A.C. (2012) [A Conceptual Framework for Empirical Research on Access to Justice]. In: Bedner, A.W., Irianto, S., Otto, J.M., Wirastri, T.D. (Eds.), Kajian Sosio-Legal [Socio-Legal Studies], pp. 81-114. Jakarta: Pustaka Larasan; Universitas Indonesia; Universitas Leiden; Universitas Groningen.

Bedner, A.W. (2012) [Shopping Forums: Administrative Courts in Indonesia]. In: Bedner, A.W., Irianto, S., Otto, J.M., Wirastri, T.D. (Eds.), Kajian Sosio-Legal [Socio-Legal Studies], pp. 209-240. Jakarta: Pustaka Larasan; Universitas Indonesia; Universitas Leiden; Universitas Groningen.

Bedner, A.W. (2012) [An Elementary Approach to the Rule of Law]. In: Bedner, A.W., Irianto, S., Otto, J.M., Wirastri, T.D. (Eds.), Kajian Sosio-Legal [Socio-Legal Studies], pp. 45-80. Jakarta: Pustaka Larasa; Universitas Indonesia; Universitas Leiden; Universitas Groningen.

Huis, S.C. van & Wirastri, T.D. (2012) Australian Journal of Asian Law, 13 (1)

McCarthy, J.F., Vel, J.A.C. & Afiff, S. (2012) . Journal of Peasant Studies (The), 39 (2), 521-549

Otto, J.M. & Pompe, S. (2012) [The Legal Oriental Connection]. In: Bedner, A.W., Irianto, S., Otto, J.M., Wirastri, T.D. (Eds.), Kajian Socio-Legal [Socio-Legal Studies], pp. 19-44. Jakarta: Pustaka Larasan; Universitas Indonesia; Universitas Leiden; Universitas Groningen.

Otto, J.M. (2012) [Real Legal Certainty in Developing Countries]. In: Bedner, A.W., Irianto, S., Otto, J.M., Wirastri, T.D. (Eds.), Kajian Socio-Legal [Socio-Legal Studies], pp. 115-156. Jakarta: Pustaka Larasan; Universitas Indonesia; Universitas Leiden; Universitas Groningen.

Otto, J.M. & Stoter, W.S.R. & Arnscheidt, J. (2012) [The Use of Lawmaking Theory for Improving Legal Quality in Development Projects]. In: Bedner, A.W., Irianto, S., Otto, J.M., Wirastri, T.D. (Eds.), Kajian Sosio-Legal [Socio-Legal Studies], pp. 171-208. Jakarta: Pustaka Larasan; Universitas Indonesia; Universitas Leiden; Universitas Groningen.

Setiawan, K.M.P. (2012) Human Rights: Indonesia. In S. Joseph (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures. Leiden: Brill online

Simarmata, R. (2012) . Leiden: Leiden University Press (dissertation)
Promotors: Prof.dr. J.M. Otto, Prof.dr. G.A. Persoon
Graduation date: 6 December 2012

Vel, J.A.C. & Nugrohowardhani, R. (2012) . The Hague: Hivos.

Wiratraman, H.P. (2012) [Is there legal protection of press freedom in Indonesia?]. Jong Indonesia Magazine, 3 (6)


Fair Land Governance
How to Legalise Land Rights for Rural Development 

Edited by Jan Michiel Otto and André Hoekema

2011, Published by Leiden University Press

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Delicate Debates on Islam: Policymakers and Academics Speaking with Each Other.

Edited by Jan Michiel Otto and Hannah Mason

2011, Published by Leiden University Press

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